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medic first aid

medical diver-education

Dealing with diving medicine is essential for every diver. Even if diving counts as one of the safest sports on earth, there can never be a guarantee that no accidents will happen.

We offer 2 different classes of diving medicine. Not only will they teach you how to dive safely, they are also the base for further education.

One of the 2 classes is medic first aid. It will give you information about how to act right at diving accidents and is neccessary for taking part at the advanced open water-class. But also in daily life you can take advantage of medic first aid.  

After finishing the theory- and practice-part, you will recieve a certificate which pronounces you a first aider.

the class includes:

prior knowledge none
age 14 years & older
documents needed application to class
dives needed 0
time span of class 16 hours total

the human body
first examination
second examination
stable lateral position
fractures & bruises
methods of transport
hypothermia & overheating
bandaids & bandages

theory-exam 30 questions

assessment of dangers & of who needs help first
first examination of victim
check lungs & heart-beat
stable lateral position
second examination of victim
preparation for transport
tranport-methods for 1,2 & more helpers
treatment of bruises, fractures, eye-insuries & burns
bandage- & bandaid-material

certificate valid for 3 years, certified medic first aid-diver

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